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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Applied Language Seminar
Applied Language Seminar
Summer 2015
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Seminar offered in conjunction with EFL 0050/0060, providing a context for applying the academic skills of listening/speaking and reading/writing. Focus on socialization into graduate study at a U.S. institution and on observing, analyzing, and acquiring the language of discipline-specific discourse situations. Instructional activities have a usage-based focus and include content-focused site visits, workshops, and task-based assignments. Seminar also includes a two-hour content-based discussion section each week.
- Acquire grammatical structures and vocabulary common in academic and professional English and practice them through speaking and writing - Improve critical thinking skills through participation in class discussion and oral question formation sessions, and through completing writing assignments - Observe professional interactions and analyze how language is used to express key meanings in vocabulary and grammar - Prepare and deliver academic presentations and speeches within the contexts of group discussions, debates, and public speaking - Express opinions, using carefully constructed academic arguments and appropriate evidence, through speaking and writing
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