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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Psychology (PSYC)
Peer Education
Peer Education
Spring 2016
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PSYC 1001

Cargill, Amber
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This is a course designed to train George Washington University undergraduate students to be health peer educators. Students will be trained in various topics related to mental health, physical health, and alcohol and/or other drugs, and will gain the skills needed for outreach programming.
At completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Identify aspects of college life that may impact students’ general psychological and physical well-being. 2. Describe the scope of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, suicidality and substance abuse on college campuses. 3. Describe the scope of alcohol and other drugs on college campuses and be familiar with GW policies regarding usage. 4. Define common Sexually Transmitted Infections seen on college campuses including their prevention and treatment. 5. Become familiar with the Tobacco Free Campus movement and options to support smoking cessation. 6. Facilitate group discussions during Peer Education workshops. 7. Provide referrals to appropriate university resources.
There is no comparable course that we are aware of. The course has substantive content on college student health and mental health problems but is also experiential. The University Counseling Center staff will be fully responsible for it and it may be a good option for some of our majors or minors interested in health education. CKS
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CCAS - GCR:Social & Behavioral
What is going on here???? I thought this course already went through the entire approval cycle. I did not initiate any new changes recently except to ask that it be added to the spring 2016 schedule (So why was spring 2016 crossed out above?). Silvio Weisner won't be the instructor, we now know: Amber Cargill will be, so I wrote her in. Please, can we be done with this? Thanks, Carol
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