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Project-Based Instruction
Project-Based Instruction
Spring 2017
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Discussion Group
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students in the GWTeach program with junior or senior standing or with permission of the instructor
GTCH 3102

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Design of full units of connected lessons. Integration of mathematics and science content. Intensive field-based experiences.
Students will be able to • discuss and critique the merits of project-based instruction (PBI) in terms of students’ cognitive development, equity, and motivation. • reflect on applications of educational theory as it relates to classroom practice in the area of project-based instruction. • distinguish between project-based instruction and other instructional approaches and decide which approach best fits instructional goals based on the benefits and limitations of each. • evaluate the usefulness of technology in achieving learning objectives and select appropriate resources for student use based on the relationship of salient features of the technology to learning objectives. • use inquiry methods with secondary students in a problem-based setting. • describe examples of project-based instruction in math or science and analyze those examples in terms of several well-studied, field-tested models for PBI. • demonstrate skill in setting up and managing lab and field project-based environments. • use PBI design principles to develop an interdisciplinary, three- to four-week project-based unit for secondary math and/or science courses. • develop alternative assessments appropriate for project-based instruction. • discuss lab safety and liability issues related to project-based instruction and wet-lab or field environments (OSHA regulations, how to read materials safety data sheets, safe disposal of chemicals, etc.) • use relevant technology to develop projects (e.g., concept mapping software, video editing software, etc.). • integrate relevant technology into curricular units (e.g., Internet, simulations, data analysis packages, modeling software, etc.). • plan instruction that promotes equitable and diverse participation so that all students have an opportunity to learn.
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Project Based Instruction is part of the UTeach model curriculum upon which our new GWTeach program is based. We would be the first to introduce this kind of exploratory course in which students look project based instruction and how to make effective teaching.
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This course is designed in accordance with the UTeach Instructional Program Elements. See UTeach Instructional Program ( for descriptions of these elements.

We recommend this course qualify for service learning credit.
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