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CDM 4311 : Time-based Media and Animation III
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Animation II: Cinema 4D
Animation II: Cinema 4D
Fall 2015
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Studio Course
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CDM 3311


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Intermediate course in 3D animation using Cinema 4D software. Skill sets, project workflow, and production in 3D animation, including 3D space, modeling, lighting, camera use, and textures. Animation processes, methods, and workflow while creating large scale projects using the software. Introduction of more advanced subjects of character rigging and animation, Dynamics, BodyPaint, Particles and MoGraph, with an exploration of the integration between Cinema 4D and After Effects.
Fluency in creating and modeling 3D objects in a 3D space/environment. Fluency in Character Rigging and Animation, Dynamics, BodyPaint, Particles, and Mograph. Fluency in creating projects which integrate Cinema 4D and After Effects. Fluency in creating and designing storyboards and style frames. Fluency in time management, craft skills (hand and digital) for 3D animation projects. Fluency in process critiques and formal presentations for for 3D animation projects. Fluency in precise hand and digital skills—craft and technical skills. Fluency in developing work ethic, time management, project deadlines, and production workflow Fluency in using 3D animation, editing & production language/vocabuary to communicate in a professional manner when presenting and critiquing work: articulate, objective,critical, and cordial. Fluency in working with project criteria and client objectives for 3D animation projects.

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awade (Fri, 12 Jun 2015 07:51:04 GMT): Rollback: 1. How students will be graded is not indicated. What percentage of the final grade is determined by each of the 4 projects? 2. Under "Special Circumstances" the statement is made that the student should inform the instructor by simply telling him. Rather, the student must go to DSS and secure a memo that officially confirms special circumstances. This memo is then shown to the instructor.
Key: 9891