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Apprentice Teaching
Apprentice Teaching
Fall 2015
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Discussion Group
Field Work (Internship)
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GWTeach apprentice teachers with junior or senior standing
GTCH 3101, GTCH 3201, and GTCH 3202
GTCH 3203 - Functions and Modeling

Master Teachers (TBA) in the GWTeach program
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Culminating experience and tools for first teaching positions. Students who intend to teach mathematics take GTCH 3203 in addition to the listed prerequisites.
As a result of this course, students -- as future math and science teachers -- will be able to do the following: • design instruction appropriate for all students that reflects an understanding of relevant content and is based on continuous and appropriate assessments. • create a classroom environment of respect and rapport that fosters a positive climate for learning, equity, and excellence. • promote student learning by providing responsive instruction that makes use of effective communication techniques, instructional strategies that actively engage all students in the learning process, and timely high-quality feedback. • fulfill professional roles and responsibilities and adhere to legal and ethical requirements of the profession.
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Apprentice Teaching is part of the UTeach model curriculum upon which our new GWTeach program is based. We would be the first to introduce a practice teaching course at GW for undergraduate students to finish their preparation for teaching certification.
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This course is designed in accordance with the UTeach Instructional Program Elements. See UTeach Instructional Program ( for descriptions of these elements.

We recommend this course qualify for service learning credit.
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