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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Curriculum and Pedagogy (CPED)
Advanced STEM Teaching Methods
Advanced STEM Teaching Methods
Summer 2015
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Advanced approaches for integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into the K-12 classroom.
By the end of the course, participating teachers will: • Develop and log an individualized NGSS content-based professional development plan through the National Science Teacher’s Association’s Learning Center ( • Plan, implement, assess and reflect on grade-level specific lessons showing understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards • Demonstrate competency integrating Disciplinary Practices of Science and Engineering. • Demonstrate competency creating, implementing and reflecting on a project or problem-based lesson and/unit plans. • Demonstrate the ability to apply a variety of inquiry methodologies to lesson and/or unit planning (Knodt, 2008 ; Costas, 2009) • Demonstrate the ability to critically reflect on teaching practices and collaborate with a small cohort to review lesson videos.

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This course will address core topics related to the Next Generation Science Standards for grades K-12, including but not limited to Open Inquiry, Disciplinary Practices of Science and Engineering, Project/Problem-Based Learning theory and deepening content knowledge through NSTA Learning Center. The activities, readings, and topics will target classroom teachers with 2-4 years of science teaching experience (including general education elementary teachers) who wish to expand their repertoire of teaching and assessment techniques and deepen content knowledge. The course will meet primarily in-person in a DC-area science classroom, but will contain hybrid/on-line components (including but not limited to video platform for lesson uploads).
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