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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Curriculum and Pedagogy (CPED)
Arts in the STEM Curriculum
Arts in the STEM Curriculum
Summer 2015
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Field Work (Internship)
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In-depth coverage of approaches to integrating arts and design into STEM curricula (“STEAM”) for student learning; criteria and approaches for assessing student learning in arts-integrated STEM curricula; building a culture of craftsmanship; and collaborating with arts and design professionals.
By the end of the course, participating teachers will: • Demonstrate awareness of the different theoretical perspectives on the nature of arts integration in STEM courses. • Demonstrate competency in the design, implementation, and assessment of arts-integrated STEM lessons and units using various arts resources in the DC metro region. • Develop classroom norms for supporting a culture of craftsmanship. • Demonstrate competency in analyzing student work samples along a variety of assessment dimensions (math and science practices, conceptual understanding, craftsmanship, aesthetics, etc.) • Demonstrate the ability to critically reflect on teaching practices and collaborate with a small cohort to review lesson plans and student work.

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This course will offer STEM teachers the opportunity to explore in their own and colleagues’ classrooms different approaches to incorporating arts and design in STEM curriculum. Students will consider different theoretical perspectives on what it means to integrate the arts and design, as well as practical considerations for STEAM work in K-12 classrooms. Special attention will be devoted to methods and criteria for assessing student work and learning, classroom norms and culture of craftsmanship, and collaboration with arts and design professionals in the DC metro region. Students will be expected to regularly contribute student work, video, and other artifacts from their own classrooms for analysis.

The activities, readings, and topics will target classroom teachers with 1-4 years of science teaching experience (including general education elementary teachers) who wish to expand their repertoire of teaching and assessment techniques and deepen their own understanding of intersections between arts, design, and STEM. This is an online course with synchronous and asynchronous components, as well as a celebratory in-person kick-off and wrap-up meeting at the start and end of the semester.
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