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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Art and the Book Pro-Thesis
Art and the Book Pro-Thesis
Fall 2015
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In the Art and the Book program, Thesis for students with a studio focus consists of a cohesive body of work grounded in the book form with a formal exhibition, defense meeting, along with a written paper component that informs the candidate's thesis studio project. For students in the program with an academic focus, an in-depth written paper, defense, and public talk to the college are required to fulfill the requirements of thesis. Students of the Pro-Thesis course will develop a thesis petition and outline that will serve as the guideline for Thesis construction. Students with a studio focus must in the petition also present a comprehensive plan for their studio exhibition to be developed and completed in the Thesis Forum course occurring in the following semester. All petitions must be approved by the Thesis Petition Faculty Committee. Students will choose a paper and exhibition theme/topic and create a mission statement and written document during the expanded research and writing phase of this course. The final Pro-Thesis document will be an academic paper that conforms to the writing standards of the Corcoran graduate programs and that of UMI dissertation publishing, where the final Thesis submission will be published online of the Spring semester. Students in Pro-Thesis will also explore professional development through a personal exploratory process culminating in the creation of a learned artist statement and CV. This class is for Art and the Book students only.
Learning Objectives
*Develop a solid thesis petition and outline to be approved by Thesis Faculty Committee.
*Learn new research techniques and gain the confidence and skills to write a fully-formed thesis paper as well as a comprehensive plan for a studio exhibition that corresponds to the ideas explored in the thesis paper.
*Develop an investigative and thoughtful artist statement and short biography
*Encourage critical thinking, reflection, and analysis of book history, scholarship, culture and/or practice (historical and contemporary) within research papers and in the classroom setting
*Develop a comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV).
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