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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Data Science (DATS)
Data Science Capstone
Data Science Capstone
Fall 2015
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Designed for students in their last semester of the Data Science program as their final required core course.
Eight courses in the Data Science program, including the core courses 6101, 6102, and 6103 plus five approved courses from the categories Intermediate Analytics, Advanced Analytics, and Electives.
Completion of the required courses in the Data Science Master's program.
Dr. Tatiyana (Tanya) V Apanasovich
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The course is a final practical application of the knowledge and skills acquired during the data science curriculum. The topics of the capstone team projects will be chosen in consultation with the Capstone Course instructor and the members of the teams. The course is designed to help students transition into the data science profession.
After completing this class, students will be able to apply the knowledge, techniques, and tools learned in the Data Science program to real-world complex problems. Students will be able to describe the field of data science and identify the types of problems that can be addressed with the techniques of data science.
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Focus on the field of data science and associated professions.
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This is to be the final course in the Master of Science in Data Science program.
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