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School of Business
Decision Sciences (DNSC)
Decision Models
Decision Models
Spring 2017
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Discussion Group
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juniors and seniors


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Design and development of decision models using spreadsheet software with decision support add-ins; interpreting decision model outputs; commonly used classes of models; decision analysis spanning business disciplines.
Upon completion of this class, the student will gain the following: 1. Experience in designing and implementing readable and reliable spreadsheet models 2. Experience in modeling complex business problems from scratch 3. Understanding of the value of using optimization models for analyzing problems in all business domains 4. Effective optimization spreadsheet modeling techniques 5. Experience in interpreting the results from optimization models and assessing the implications for the business context being modeled 6. Understanding of the different classes of optimization models along with their associated computational difficulty 7. Understanding of the value of using probabilistic models for analyzing problems involving uncertainty 8. Experience in building Monte Carlo simulation models and interpreting the results in terms of both expected performance and associated risks 9. Ability to optimize decisions under uncertainty and subject to probabilistic constraints using an integrated optimization/simulation framework 10. A deeper understanding of decision analysis including the use of utility functions
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I removed prerequisite of DNSC 3401 and replaced it with Juniors or Seniors class standing. Thanks!
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