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School of Business
Decision Sciences (DNSC)
Introduction to Business Analytics
Intro to Business Analytics
Spring 2017
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Discussion Group
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APSC 3115 or STAT 1051 or STAT 1053 or STAT 1111

Tarimcilar, Prasad
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Fundamentals of business analytics: what information it provides, how and when that information is used, and how it affects decision making. Working with uncertainty; understanding the dynamic nature of decision making; using data, regardless of its size; and making decisions with incomplete data. The simulation of real-life scenarios to support optimal decision making.
At the end of this course, students will be able to:
- Improve analytical thinking by using data and decision modeling
- Identify relevant data for the analysis
- Build abstract models replicating the real life situation as closely as possible
-Formulate appropriate hypothesis given the context
- Identify and carry out appropriate statistical tests and model building
- Interpret the results of statistical tests and decision models, use them in making managerial decisions, and learn to articulate the results
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