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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Data Science (DATS)
Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing
Fall 2015
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STAT 2118 or permission of the instructor
An undergraduate degree with a strong background in science, mathematics, or statistics
Glen MacLachlan
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Fundamentals and practical applications of data warehousing, including planning requirements, infrastructure, design, and maintenance.
After completing this class, students should be able to 1) explain and discuss the field of data warehousing and its role in data science 2) use meaningful knowledge and skills relevant to current and anticipated career paths in data science 3) analyze and interpret research and technology articles in data warehousing 4) apply basic methods and techniques to practical problems in data warehousing 5) choose an area of personal and career interest and complete a substantial data warehousing project
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Students will gain practical skills typical of those of data scientists and gain experience applying the skills to real data.
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This is to be a first-semester course in the Master of Science in Data Science program.
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