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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Theatre and Dance (TRDA)
Personal Aesthetics II: The Environment
Personal Aesthetics II
Fall 2016
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Studio Course
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Letter Grade

TRDA 6204 - Personal Aesthetics II: The Environment
M.F.A. candidacy or permission of instructor

Maida Withers
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TRDA 6204 - Personal Aesthetics II: The Environment
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Flat Rate
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This course fosters individual investigation of movement research and studio practice in order to develop an individual dance aesthetic.TRDA 6204 Personal Aesthetics – Environment (2-3) engages the artist/student in creative activities general related to alternative spaces and events related to “live” art, performance art, dance and related arts with less formal production/presentation elements.
Knowledge Outcomes: 1) Grasp the organic potential of the human body as an instrument of art - recognize the possibilities of individual authentic movement. 2) Recognize how to ask questions that lead to creative processes and movement response that leads to the understanding of dance and performance. 3) Synthesize and define a personal aesthetic through investigation, mentorship, and study. 4) Develop an intrinsic understanding of collaboration through peer interaction. Skill Outcomes: 1) Gain awareness of self and improve the articulation of the dancing body through study of various dance techniques. 2) Construct dance/movement studies and performances based on structural elements, employing traditional and experimental methods of investigation to prepare for longer choreographic projects. 3) Construct dance/movement studies and performances based on solo form, site-specific performance events (environment and architectural), scripting and scoring, culturally specific content, text, and collaboration through small group works. 4) Employ improvisation as a tool for investigation and as performance. 5) Articulate through critical thought and analysis various means of evaluating dance performance. 6) Perform confidently with and before peers and others.
This course is for undergrads and has the following extra requirement for the 3 credit level-
1) View 15 additional videos (site=specific events) and make comments about structure, content, script and post on Blackboard
2) Five page research paper defining your aesthetic related to the course content.
Course Attribute
CCAS - Dance Electives
This course is cross-referenced with TRDA 6204
dullman (Thu, 21 May 2015 22:37:30 GMT): Rollback: In the course description, I am unable to parse the sentence that begins "TRDA 6204 . . .". (Presumably "TRDA 4204" was intended.) How does the word "general" fit in here? Is it a typo? Do you really intend to make MFA candidacy a prerequisite for this undergraduate class?
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