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GWTeach Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching
Inquiry Approaches to Teaching
Fall 2017
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Field Work (Internship)
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Larry Medsker
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First recruitment course in the GWTeach professional development sequence. Overview of latest methods in teaching. Elementary school teaching experience using lessons written based on district curricula.
Students will be able to . . . 1. demonstrate science or mathematics content knowledge in the planning and teaching of three upper-elementary-grade lessons. 2. use exemplary sources of inquiry-based science or mathematics lessons. 3. write performance objectives aligned with national and state standards and assessments of those objectives for each lesson. 4. design and teach inquiry-based lessons using the 5E Instructional Model. 5. demonstrate awareness of personality and learning differences and discuss the implications for teaching and learning. 6. use probing questions to elicit feedback to determine students’ acquisition of knowledge. 7. discuss strategies for achieving instructional equity. 8. demonstrate proficiency in the use of technology for professional productivity purposes. 9. plan for and implement safe classroom practices. 10. reflect on personal interest in teaching.
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Step 1 is part of the UTeach model curriculum upon which our new GWTeach program is based. We are the first to introduce this kind of exploratory course in which students, early in their undergraduate program, can explore teaching and career paths that are enhanced by a knowledge of learning and how to help others learn.
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