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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Clinical Biochemistry II Laboratory
Clinical Biochemistry II Lab
Fall 2015
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MLS 4155 - Clinical Biochemistry II


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The measurement and interpretation of chemical constituents in human blood and body fluids.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Apply the theoretical principles of instrumentation to the measurement of the following analytes: a. vitamins and trace elements b. hemoglobin c. iron d. bilirubin e. porphyrins f. hormones g. catecholamines h. serotonin i. therapeutic drugs j. toxins k. heavy metals l. drugs of abuse m. tumor markers 2. Correlate the pathophysiology, clinical significance, and diagnostic criteria to the laboratory analyses of the above chemical constituents 3. Characterize the distribution of the analytes among organs and/or compartments in the body and among the various forms of each found in plasma 4. Devise a protocol for the collection and handling of a blood specimen for each measured analyte with minimal preanalytic error 5. Perform calculations to determine reportable results as needed 6. Analyze reported chemistry data to determine the possible diagnosis, or next course of action 7. Validate a set of test results given the quality control parameters and predict the reliability of the measured constituent.
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This is a hands-on lab course that will be taught with the MLS 4155 Clinical Biochemistry II didactic online course in the BSHS in MLS blended program.
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