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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Clinical Biochemistry I Laboratory
Clinical Biochem I Lab
Fall 2015
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MLS 4145 - Clinical Biochemistry I


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Introduction to the principles of various diagnostic testing procedures performed in the clinical biochemistry laboratory. The physiological basis, principles and procedures, and clinical significance of biochemical test results, including quality control and reference values.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Exhibit knowledge of body chemistry levels under healthy or abnormal conditions 2. Evaluate the suitability of clinical chemistry specimens 3. Prepare chemistry specimens for analysis 4. Report results, indicating normal and abnormal values 5. Evaluate quality control results and note trends, shifts and invalid results 6. Discuss the use of instrumentation in clinical chemistry 7. Explain the principles of the above procedures Demonstrate speed and accuracy in the analysis of chemistry specimens for the following types of procedures utilizing only necessary supplies and within a predetermined/reasonable amount of time a. Weights and measures b. Reagent preparation and use c. Color spectrophotometric d. Coulometric titration e. Enzymatic f. Electrophoretic g. Other test procedures as available 8. Analyze chemistry specimens accurately utilizing only the necessary supplies and within an acceptable amount of time
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This is a hands-on lab course that will be taught with the MLS 4145 Clinical Biochemistry I didactic, online course in the MLS blended BSHS program.
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