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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Hematology II Laboratory
Hematology II Laboratory
Fall 2015
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MLS 4129 - Hematology II


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Blood and body fluid analyses that are commonly performed in a diagnostic hematology laboratory.
Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to: 1. Explain the essentials of a quality controls necessary to obtain accurate and reliable coagulation, urinalysis and body fluid diagnostic test results 2. Summarize the criteria for evaluating specimen quality and corrective actions taken to resolve problems 3. Practice safe techniques in handling and disposal of blood and body fluids 4. Explain principle of each test performed throughout the semester 5. Explain the operation of automated coagulation and body fluid instrumentation 6. Describe the composition, formation and functions of selected body fluids 7. Evaluate body fluid specimens for acceptability based on labeling, appropriate volume, collection, handling and storage requirements. 8. Collect and perform macroscopic and microscopic analysis of urine samples within stated limits of accuracy 9. Evaluate laboratory test outcomes 10. Correlate coagulation and body fluid test results with the appropriate disease states
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This is a hands-on lab course that will be taught at the same time as the MLS 4129 Hematology II didactic, online course within the blended MLS program.
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