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University (UNIV)
Elective Internship
Elective Internship
Summer 2015
Course Type
Field Work (Internship)
Default Grading Method
Pass/No Pass (Fail)
undergraduates students who have completed a minimum of 30 credits or who have the instructor's permission


Anne V. Scammon, M.A.
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Fee Type
Flat Rate
Students pay an administrative processing fee.

Taken online concurrently with a paid or unpaid summer internship in the United States or abroad, this course facilitates structured observation, reflection, and synthesis of experiences during the internship. Students learn what to expect from and how to succeed at the internship; explore and assess career skills and strengths; critically examine the values, structure, and leadership of the internship organization; and identify and practice professional behaviors in the workplace. The course is managed and taught by the GW Center for Career Services. Course credit does not count toward graduation, however, the course will be noted on the student's transcript.
Student will be able: • To explore and articulate his/her top five strengths, skills and values in relation to the internship experience and his/her future professional plans. • To examine his/her experiences in and observations of the internship and to share and reflect on these insights with peers and instructor. • To consider and draw conclusions about his/her new knowledge and skills as it relates to career decisions. • To examine the site’s organizational culture, including structure, communication, and professionalism and reflect about on his/her organizational workplace preferences
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This online summer internship course, created and to be taught by professional staff of the GW Center for Career Services offer students the opportunity to reflect weekly on his/her learning related to career preferences and professional options in the future. The internship requires readings, assignments and reflection exercises, related to careers and professionalism. To register, students must be approved in advance by the instructor.
Course Attribute

Course credit does not count toward graduation; course will be noted on students' transcripts.
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