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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Summer 2017
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Focusing on contemporary art movements and practice, this course considers the connections between artists, their artworks, and the period in which they create the work. Michel Foucault called this cultural outlook the episteme, and the prevalence of Postconceptualism as modus operandi among the newest art stars merits our investigation of contemporary conceptual art theory and its relationship to today's art practices. The course will study purveyors of postconceptual practice, who use "style" as metonymy, where a part is meant to represent the whole, projecting their works as surface without theoretical substance. We will provoke an appreciation of Postconceptualism in both its epistemic and metonymic elements and learn how to address and distinguish between the varying results. Course lectures are supported by assigned readings from a variety of sources, with visual presentations to identify key artists. Critical discussions encourage students to support personal positions in relation to art theories, and off-campus visits provide first-hand observation of contemporary art in context. Students must maintain focused attendance, complete all assigned readings, contribute to in-class and blog discussions, make one presentation, and submit two written essays to receive course credit.

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