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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Web Essay: Effective Storytelling with Audio and Images
Web Essay
Fall 2016
Course Type
Studio Course
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students with advanced level with still photography skills; advanced knowledge of Adobe Premiere or Final Cut required of graduate students
CPJ 4600 - Web Essay
CPH 2090 and CPJ 2090 or permission of department for BFA and BA students; CPJ 6110 and CPJ 6050 or portfolio review and permission of department for graduate students
advanced abilities in still photography and/or photojournalism

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CPJ 4600 - Web Essay
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This class will teach photographers to build essays with still photography images and audio files. Over the course of the semester students will propose, research, edit and produce a series of audio/stills essays for web publication. Skills in developing and executing photo stories will be addressed as will effective audio gathering and editing. Audio gear and laptops required.
In this class students will: Increase skill in sequencing still images Develop understanding of the role of audio in amplifying power of still images and visa versa Gain experience in developing in-depth narratives using images and audio Understand the value of non-linear structures in working with audio and video Publish short complete works
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There is not a second still photo class for GW or Corcoran students who want to develop more skills in working with audio and stills as a storytelling or experimental medium before or in conjunction with working in video.
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CCAS: Arts
CCAS - Professional

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