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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Human Resource Development (HRD)
Preparation and Delivery of Doctoral Research
Prep & Delivery Doc Research
Summer 2015
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HOL 8998 - Predissertation Seminar
Students are expected to have developed a literature review, conceptual framework, and research question for their dissertation research prior to enrolling in this class
Dr. Michael Marquardt and Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker
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Students develop and present a mock dissertation proposal, receiving feedback from faculty and colleagues in order to refine their proposal.
1. Write and present a dissertation proposal, with particular focus on the following: (a) problem statement, (b) purpose and research questions, (c) conceptual framework, (d) significance, and (e) methodology. 2. Master scholarly writing style of doctoral dissertation research guided by GSEHD Doctoral Handbook (September 2012) and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition. 3. Develop comprehensive knowledge base (depth and breadth) of scholarly literature supporting dissertation topic area of interest including critique of key arguments as they have evolved in the field over time, and development of conceptual framework to guide the research and statement of evidence-based contributions to theory, research, and practice. 4. Develop core knowledge base of plausible methodological choices based on in-depth critique of scholarly literature and compatibility with research question and conceptual framework guiding the proposed dissertation research. 5. Develop and articulate a comprehensive research design compatible with the student’s framework that contains logical arguments and evidence-based support for: methodological selection, methods (collection & analysis), sample design, data representation, trustworthiness, delimiters, human subjects, and other ethical issues.
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This course is designed to work within the ELP format, i.e. it is an intensive, weekend-based course. Furthermore, it is designed to help students refine their dissertation proposal. This functions within context of our cohort-based program, in which all of the students in a cohort are at roughly the same place in their degree program. For these reasons, this course is distinct from any similar courses being offered at GW.
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This course is in practice taught in tandem with 8998 Proposal Development, and so the learning outcomes above are identical to those for 8998. Technically, 8998 focusses on developing the content of the proposal, whereas 8997 focuses on preparation and practice for the proposal defense. This companion course was initially offered as HOL 8100 Special Topics. To avoid problems related to the repetition of 8100 it needs a distinct course number.
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