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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Human Resource Development (HRD)
Integration of Theory, Research and Practice
Integrating Theory, Res & Prac
Summer 2015
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Discussion Group
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Dr. Michael Marquardt
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Provides students with the opportunity to apply adult learning principles explored in the curriculum towards an integration and synthesis of the knowledge base in human and organizational studies. Aids in preparation for the comprehensive examinations and subsequently, dissertation development.
The learning objective of this course are: • To provide opportunities for this community of scholar practitioners to practice the application of their knowledge developed during the curriculum through a series of self-directed seminars to guide their inquiry as individuals and through team sessions. • To refine each scholar’s capacity to synthesize and analyze the progression of the field of human and organizational studies and in turn articulate her/his contribution to theory, research, and practice. • To help ensure each scholar has a comprehensive knowledge base in the core areas of the curriculum – culture, change, learning, leadership, and research. • To develop the community’s capacity to apply principles of adult learning and other learning approaches acquired in the ELP curriculum including the ability to self-critique their own learning process.
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This course is currently being offered as a “Special Topic” under the course number HOL 8100. This course is now considered a core part of the curriculum for the Executive Leadership Doctoral Program. Because of this, we would like to create its own course number so that the HOL 8100 course number can be reserved for true “Special Topics” like pilot courses, guest lecturers, etc.
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