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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Human Resource Development (HRD)
Organizational Culture
Organizational Culture
Summer 2015
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Dr. Michael Marquardt and Dr. Andrea Casey
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Theory and research on organizational culture, from the multidisciplinary seminal works in anthropology, psychology, sociology, and management to current day theorizing and empirical research on culture. The rituals, values, and behaviors that differentiate cultural groups and the way cultural identities manifest themselves in organizational practices; and how organizational culture evolves and its relationship to other organizational phenomena such as innovation, strategy, sensemaking, and performance. Current trends in organizational culture theorizing.
At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to: • Describe the multidisciplinary foundation of organizational culture • Identify and critique the ontological and epistemological paradigms that frame key organizational culture theories • Trace the development of major theoretical models of organizational culture and related research • Describe and critique research designs and methodologies used to measure, describe and understand organizational culture • Understand culture from a multilevel theory and research perspective.
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This course is currently being offered as a “Special Topic” under the course number HOL 8100. This course is now considered a core part of the curriculum for the Executive Leadership Doctoral Program. Because of this, we would like to create its own course number so that the HOL 8100 course number can be reserved for true “Special Topics” like pilot courses, guest lecturers, etc.
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