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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Healthcare Financial Management
Healthcare Financial Mgt
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Executive Master of Health Administration candidates.


Volarich, Helton
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The financial operations of health care organizations, including financial reporting, cost management, sources of revenue, and budgeting.
• Describe the basic financial statements used in a health care organization • Describe the taxation issues of for-profit and non-profit organizational forms • Demonstrate understanding of labor and supply cost management strategies • Prepare statistical, operating, cash, and capital budgets for a health care organization • Differentiate between static and flex budgeting methods • Calculate and interpret capital investment analyses • Describe the processes in the health care revenue cycle and the impact of collections on fiscal viability • Differentiate between the various types of reimbursement used in the health care industry • Perform a basic analysis of the payment terms of a provider contract • Critically evaluate current and future trends in the health care industry with an eye toward the financial implications of industry changes
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