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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Vandercook Relief Fine Art Printing
Vandercook Relief Printing
Fall 2015
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Studio Course
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Letter Grade


CBK 6110
Kerry McAleer-Keeler
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An introduction to fine art relief printing methods on Vandercook presses. Technical instruction in multiple relief printing processes, including reduction cut, multiple block registration, wood block, and collagraph. The use of alternative material printing on letterpress equipment emphasizing the graphic image and fine print quality. Focus on the production of multiple print editions and small books forms using learned techniques.
1. This course elective provides the grounding of how to produce solid relief imagery specifically on a letterpress through the knowledge of a full spectrum of relief techniques and through art museum research. 2. Students will be offered a thorough retrospective of relief techniques with hands on demonstrations and required reading assignments. 3. This course builds upon the print foundation material first presented in Letterpress I. by emphasizing the image layering process through the creation of more complex imagery with the introduction of advanced technique. 4. This course helps to prepare students to be instrumental participants and contributors in current and future progressions within the print and book arts field and to have the confidence to work independently on projects in and outside of class once the techniques have been introduced and executed by the student. 5. Enhanced student knowledge and personal growth developed through discussions and presentations in the course 6. Encourage self-awareness as an artist through self-assessment of one’s own work over the course of the semester.

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