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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies - Public Relations (PSPR)
Crisis and Issues Management
Crisis and Issues Management
Summer 2015
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The intersection of communications and policy disciplines, including environmental scanning, public policy analysis, public policy advocacy, strategic communications, media relations, grassroots mobilization, coalition management and corporate reputation management. How these issues work together to further the broad strategic goals of organizations.
1. Understand the procedures and techniques involved in the issues management process, including the dynamics of a strategic response. 2. Understand the crisis and issues management life cycle. Be able to assess the scale and trajectory of a crisis situation and offer public relations-related counsel. 3. Develop the ability to conduct traditional and social media scans to sense and identify potential issues, and develop plans to navigate challenging public relations environments. 4. Learn to think strategically when confronted by limited information and time constraints related to crisis situations. 5. Develop a crisis/issue communications plan.
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