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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Physics (PHYS)
General Relativity
General Relativity
Spring 2017
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MATH 3342 and PHYS 2023
MATH 3343 - Partial Differential Equations


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Einstein’s general theory of relativity; special theory of relativity, the nature of space and time, the equivalence principle, Riemannian geometry, Einstein’s proposal, tests of the theory, Schwarzschild and Kerr solutions, Hawking radiation, and cosmological models.
The student will be able to explain and implement in his/her calculations: Four-Vectors Index Notation Arbitrary Coordinates Tensor Equations Maxwell’s Equations Geodesics The Absolute Gradient Geodesic Deviation The Riemann Tensor The Stress-Energy Tensor The Einstein Equation Interpreting the Equation The Schwarzschild Solution The Global Positioning System
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