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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Physics (PHYS)
Computational Physics
Computational Physics
Fall 2017
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MATH 2233 and PHYS 3161


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Numerical methods with physics, math, and engineering applications; numerical integration, ODE, PDE, Monte-Carlo methods, linear algebra, and other relevant numerical techniques. In addition to the course prerequisites students must be familiar with a programming language. Laboratory fee.
At the completion of the course students should be able to: 1. Demonstrate the ability to identify the right numerical technique to solve basic problems in physics. 2. Show the ability to design the infrastructure to support debugging and data analysis required for the problem. 3. Be able to transpose relevant mathematical notation into C code. 4. Demonstrate the ability to employ basic program flow control in C. 5. Be able to use Mathematica for plotting and data analysis.
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CCAS - GCR: Natural Sciences

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