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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Physics (PHYS)
Nuclear Physics
Nuclear Physics
Fall 2016
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MATH 3342, MATH 3343, PHYS 3165 and PHYS 3167; or permission of the instructor


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PHYS 2175 - Nuclear Physics
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Application of quantum physics to the description of nuclei and their interactions. Properties of nuclei, nuclear models, nuclear forces, and nuclear reactions are considered. Specific topics include the deuteron, n-p scattering, the optical model, the shell model, the liquid-drop model, beta decay, fission, and fusion.
1) To understand how radiation interacts with matter 2) To incorporate the notion of these interactions into detection devices 3) To gain a basic familiarity with the various types of particle/photon detectors 4) To gain a familiarity with techniques for producing particle and photon beams 5) To understand how to process electronically the signals from these detectors 6) To put this all together into a scheme for the purpose of a nuclear physics experiment 7) To follow the logic of data analysis procedures to arrive at a final experimental result

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