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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Biological Sciences (BISC)
Food, Nutrition, and Service
Food, Nutrition, and Service
Fall 2015
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Tara Scully
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BISC 1005 - The Biology of Nutrition and Health
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Laboratory fee for lab course

A study of biology and nutrition that uses service learning to reinforce course concepts. Topics include the need for humans to consume other organisms, processing of consumed nutrients, unexpected effects of nutritional consumption, and measures to improve nutrition.
Within this course you will leave being able to: 1. Define the common characteristics of life. 2. Explain how your body takes in food, digests and uses it and what can happen when things go wrong. 3. Evaluate food labels/ingredients and understand the constitution of a good personalized diet. 4. Constructively and practically think about what makes you unique, what factors influence preventable health issues and how both of these affect longevity. 5. Collaboratively apply content to case scenarios to determine likely outcomes. 6. Illustrate general principles of inheritance and recognize how these can be used in agriculture and medicine. 7. Critically analyze a diet or food-related health issue and present your argument to your fellow classmates. 8. Connect a topic discussed throughout the semester to your everyday life.
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This is a service-learning course that covers similar content to BISC1005. The course is different in that two-thirds of the course focuses on service-learning rather than traditional labs.
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CCAS - GPAC: Local/Civil Engage
Gen Ed: Nat or Phys Sci
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Sustainability Track A
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