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The class has been assigned a new title and new courses number.
College of Professional Studies
Prof Studies-Cybersecurity (PSCS)
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Fall 2017
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This course covers the basic principles and concepts in information security and information assurance. It examines the technical, operational, and organizational issues of securing information systems. Topics include common criteria, operating system issues, malware, and security awareness at all levels of the enterprise, physical security, and policies. Case studies examples of the need for organizations to develop effective security procedures and policies will be examined.
 Define key terms, explain essential concepts, and understand the origins of the field.
 Articulate key laws that shape the field of information security.
 Identify various authentication and access control methods.
 List various intrusion detection and prevention systems.
 Describe basic threats to an information system and analyze cybersecurity incidents;
 Evaluate countermeasures to determine the best protective measures and categorize various types of malicious code;
 Define common vulnerabilities in information systems and networks;
 Communicate effectively and work collaboratively

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The course has a revised Description and Learning Objectives. As well, the course number has been changed from 4120 to 3100. And, the title was been changed from Introduction to Cybersecurity to Principles of Cybersecurity.
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