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School of Business
Master of Business Administration (MBAD)
Business Challenge
Business Challenge
Fall 2015
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Limited to World Executive MBA students.



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Students identify a business challenge in their own organization and formulate a proposal to address the challenge within the organization's social, political, and technical contexts. The problem and proposal are formally presented at the end of the course.
The goals of this course can be summarized as follows: a) Learn how to apply material seen throughout the program to a practical issue in real context; b) Provide guidance to students in terms of (1) how to structure the project, (2) selection and application of methodologies/systems/theories covered in class to the resolution of the challenge, and (3) assessment about the content of the proposed solution as the solution proposal is prepared; c) Prepare students to professionally present their project to an audience that could potentially be interested in the execution of the project (own company board, consultant clients, etc.).

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