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American Studies (AMST)
Borders and Boundaries
Borders and Boundaries
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Exploration of borders (the literal edge or limit of a territory) and boundaries (intra-societal differences). Readings from cultural anthropology, political science, and social history examine classic tensions between state formation and nation building. The U.S.–Mexico border and other border zones across the globe are used to assess and challenge what is local and particular about border space.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1) Students will become versed in the key debates, theories, and approaches that inform the interdisciplinary field of Border Studies. 2) Students will sharpen their cross-cultural and analytic skills by critically comparing border studies based in North America and beyond. 3) Students will enhance their awareness and appreciation for ethnic, class, and citizenship-based differences through exposure to border studies conducted in different regions of the world. 4) Students will learn to critically engage and write about state formation, sovereignty, nation-building exercises, and citizenship expectations using scholarly materials.
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