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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
Public Health Preparedness Policy
Pub Hlth Preparedness Policy
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Issues in public health emergency preparedness and response at the nexus of homeland and national security. The relationship between public health and criminal investigation, forensic epidemiology, and surveillance; biodefense; and the role of the scientific community. Infrastructure, threat themes, and associated preparedness and response policy.
Learning Objectives Students will be able to: - Explain how naturally occurring disease is linked to security - Describe the public health threat from biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear agents - Assess the global and national frameworks that have been developed for public health preparedness and response - Differentiate between biosecurity, biosafety, biosurveillance and biodefense - Describe dual use research of concern and evaluate the policies that have been put in place to address it - Evaluate how the Cooperative Threat Reduction programs have contributed to global health security - Determine if the policies and procedures that are in place for public health preparedness are sufficient to detect, assess, report and respond to an emergency
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