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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
Health Workforce Policy
Health Workforce Policy
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PUBH 6305

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Strategies for the prevention and control of infectious diseases; focus on low and middle income countries. Goals, strategies, and challenges of major global health intervention programs. Surveillance systems. Vaccination programs; chemotherapy as a prevention and treatment tool; nutritional supplementation; environmental approaches; and potential benefits of integrating multiple interventions.
1. Describe and critically assess the political, legal, philosophical, economic, financial, and/or social framework of U.S. health policy and demonstrate proficiency in applying that understanding to analysis of current health policy issues. 2. Locate, assess, appropriately use, and synthesize policy-relevant qualitative information relevant to key issues in U.S. health policy, including a full range of evidence related to the legislative, regulatory, and judicial processes, peer-reviewed literature, and “gray” literature produced by policy analysis entities and organizations. 3. Locate, assess, and appropriately use statistical and other data and the ability to conduct basic manipulations of data. 4. Comparatively analyze legislation and administrative regulations, and analyze and interpret judicial opinions and agency rulings. 5. Assess the methodology and quality of research results, and synthesize findings for policy analyses. 6. Apply the core elements of a policy analysis to key issues in U.S. health services and public health policy through both short and long written papers, and in oral presentations of policy analyses.
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