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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE)
Advanced Systems Engineering
Advanced Systems Engineering
Summer 2016
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Shahram Sarkani
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Every Year
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Analysis of advanced systems engineering topics; system lifecycle models, INCOSE Vision 2025, requirements types and processes, architectural design processes and frameworks, DoDAF artifacts, enterprise architecture and enterprise systems engineering, complex adaptive systems (CAS), modeling languages and SysML, and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Applications of systems engineering tools and techniques.
• Define a system and the Systems Engineering (SE) discipline • Describe SE foundational concepts and topics • Explain and differentiate system lifecycle models • Summarize INCOSE’s Vision 2025 and identify emerging areas of interest • Differentiate requirements types and the processes to acquire them • Describe architectural design processes • Differentiate architecture frameworks and describe DoDAF artifacts and approach • Define enterprise architecture and differentiate from enterprise systems engineering • Explain the relationship between Operations Research and SE • Describe other SE technical, project, acquisition, and organizational processes • Define Complex Adaptive Systems and explain their relevance to SE • Outline key aspects of modeling languages and SysML • Define and explain Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) • List examples of SE support software and their key functionalities • Identify and assess professional journal papers for their relevance to SE
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