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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Educational Leadership (EDUC)
Assessment Engineering
Assessment Engineering
Fall 2016
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EDUC 8170


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In-depth coverage of topics related to assessment engineering, including cognitive model development using cognitive diagnostic assessment and formative assessment modeling, item model development using auto item generation, and automated test assembly and psychometric model development using computer adaptive testing. Introduction to current assessment engineering and educational big-data analytic applications.
Students will be able to: Apply knowledge of theoretical foundations in the field of ATM focus on AE. Apply knowledge of ATM across the disciplines focus on AE. Develop a professional analysis documents and/or publication-ready research paper on ATM issue(s) focus on AE. Identify, interpret, and apply knowledge of Computer Adaptive Testing. Identify, interpret, and apply knowledge of Diagnostic and Formative Assessment Modeling.
Provides new content on in-depth treatments on topics within Assessment Engineering (AE). Topics include Cognitive Model Development using Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment (CDM) and Formative Assessment Modeling (FAM), Item Model Development using Auto Item Generation (AIG), and Automated Test Assembly and Psychometric Model Development using Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT). Current Assessment Engineering and Educational Big-data analytic applications will also be introduced.
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