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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Organization and Management of Clinical Programs
Org/Mgmt of Clinical Programs
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EXSC 6216 - Org&Mgmt of Clinical Programs
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Administrative organization of programs providing clinical exercise services. Budgeting and staffing; equipment and supplies; policies, protocols, and program forms; Medicare regulations and coding; and safety issues. While cardiac rehabilitation is the program model for the majority of this topic, the information can be used in other types of clinical exercise physiology programs. Combination of classroom and online sessions.
• To be able to describe important issues in developing and maintaining skilled employees • To understand current Medicare legislation and related regulations for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and basic ICD and CPT codes used in billing for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services • To be able to develop important clinical program policies and protocols • To understand the process for program certification • To understand a typical annual operations budget and define various categories of expense and revenue. • To be able to describe typical clinical exercise equipment and supplies used in clinical exercise programs, including purchase costs and maintenance issues • To be able to describe various options for providing patient education materials • To understand key elements for informed consent forms and processes for exercise training • To understand various formats and content of patient progress reports • To be able to manage safety issues related to the prevention of exposure to untoward events, sharps, and body fluids
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