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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Advanced Concepts in Nutrition Science
Adv Concepts Nutrition Science
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EXSC 6209 - Adv Concepts Nutrition Science
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Topics in nutrition and public health. Emerging issues, challenges, and controversies in nutrition science; the role of diet composition and physical activity in the maintenance of health and the development of chronic disease; and effectively communicating scientific findings and identifying key knowledge gaps in nutrition science literature.
1. Students will describe the role of nutrition in the health of the general population. 2. Students will identify the health consequences of both under- and over-nutrition. 3. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the pathophysiology of selected chronic diseases and conditions. 4. Students will use appropriate and current methods to assess nutrition status and prioritize nutritional problems of target populations across the life span. Examples might include anthropometric, biochemical, clinical, dietary, functional (e.g. physical mobility or feeding skills), environmental and socioeconomic assessment. 5. Students will integrate applicable statistical and epidemiological theories in the development and evaluation of this research.
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