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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Current Issues in Exercise Science
Current Issues in EXSC
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Senior exercise science majors in their final spring semester

EXSC 4110 - Current Issues in Exercise Science


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Capstone course for senior exercise science majors in their final spring semester. Students are required to understand and apply identified competencies from the core exercise science curriculum.
1. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic research and statistical methods. [Cognitive: levels 1 and 2]. 2. Students will be able to interpret descriptive data, as well as basic findings from experimental and from observational studies. [Cognitive: level 2]. 3. Students will synthesize this knowledge and understanding by designing studies to test specific hypotheses. [Cognitive: level 5]. 4. Students will evaluate and critique the current scientific literature for quality of evidence and for relevance to theory and practice. [Cognitive: level 6]. 5. Students will demonstrate the ability to separate complex scientific concepts into components in order to communicate effectively with different lay audiences in the community. [Cognitive: level 4]. 6. Students will organize and defend a comprehensive thesis or project based on sound evidence and theory. [Cognitive: levels 5 and 6].
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