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EXNS 3102 : Applied Sport Psychology
Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Sport Psychology
Sport Psychology
Fall 2015
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PSYC 1001


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EXSC 2117 - Sport Psychology
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Introduction to current research and theoretical perspectives on psychological and psychosocial components of sport participation and competition. Participation motives, motivation, confidence, anxiety, aggression, and other factors that influence individuals and teams or groups.
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the major psychological components of individual and team/group performance including confidence, attention, arousal, anxiety, motivation, causal attribution, aggression, cohesion, moral development and leadership. 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the application of these components to specific sport situations. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of various programs of implementation for developing the psychological components of sport participation. 4. Demonstrate an understanding of the history of sport psychology both in practice and as a field of study. 5. Identify, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and employ information resources and/or other forms of supporting evidence appropriate and relevant to scholarly work in sport psychology. 6. Construct sound, probing questions and hypotheses appropriate to scholarly work in sport psychology. 7. Demonstrate the ability to work collectively with peers in producing and presenting knowledge related to a specific sport psychology concept.
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