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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Physician Assistant (PA)
Clinical Skills II
Clinical Skills II
Summer 2015
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Development of diagnostic and therapeutic skills essential to clinical practice. Fundamentals of electrocardiography and interpretation of basic EKG patterns. Effects of drugs and electrolyte imbalance on EKG patterns. Interpretation of radiologic films.
By the end of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Analyze advanced ECGs and their abnormalities as they relate to ACLS protocols.
2. Use ACLS protocols to manage a cardiac emergency.
3. Describe the principles and practice of standard precautions.
4. Practice the following clinical procedures: sterile drape, gown and glove; intravenous cannulation; splinting; scrub technique; wound care; wound closure; nasogastric tube insertion; bladder catherization; lumbar puncture; suturing and knot tying; US guided IV; injections; arterial and venipuncture; male genitourinary exam including prostate exam; and female genitourinary exam including breast exam.
5. Describe the rationale, indications, possible complications, and relevant patient education for the clinical procedures stated above.
6. Identify when informed consent is needed for the clinical procedures stated above.
7. Develop clinical interview and interpersonal communication skills necessary to elicit an accurate patient history and enhance the proficiency of physical examination skills (including the breast, female and male genitourinary and male prostate exams).
8. Demonstrate communication of a differential diagnosis and treatment plan in the form of a written SOAP note and an oral case presentation.

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Old course PA 6231. The course is part of the program update. The new program is in PMI.
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