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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Physician Assistant (PA)
Human Behavior
Human Behavior
Summer 2015
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Basic knowledge of psychiatry needed to enter clinical practice. Mental status examination as a tool of clinical assessment. Approaches to understanding and working with patients with mental health conditions.
The overall goal of this course is to equip learners with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to obtain and document a full psychiatric history, classify the most common behavioral disorders, and construct a general patient management plan for the patient with a behavioral disorder. At the end of the course, students will be able to:
1. Explain the DSM classification system and its correlating Axes.
2. Describe the neurobiology and genetics of psychiatric disorders.
3. Write the components of the psychiatric interview/history and mental status exam as it would be documented in a medical record.
4. Differentiate the various components of the psychiatric history and comprehensive mental status examination.
5. Conduct a psychiatric interview.
6. Categorize the signs and symptoms of the major behavioral disorders.
7. Summarize the behavioral disorders based upon the DSM classification.
8. Compare the common behavioral disorders of childhood.
9. Explain the diagnostic criteria, medical and behavioral impact, and management techniques of alcohol and drug related disorders.
10. Construct a patient’s biopsychosocial profile based upon the psychiatric interview/presentation and DSM classification.
11. Discuss patient management techniques utilized in caring for those with acute, chronic, and emergent psychiatric disorders.
12. Incorporate behavioral change strategies into the management plan of patients with psychiatric disorders.
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