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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Physician Assistant (PA)
Evidence Based Practice for PA/MPH Students
Evidence Based Practice PA/MPH
Summer 2015
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Advanced application of research-, statistical-, and evidence-based medicine concepts presented in public health courses. Emphasis on studies assessing therapeutic interventions, diagnostic testing, and prognostic indicators of health and disease.
Upon completion of this course, the PA/MPH student will be able to: 1. Assess various peer-reviewed journal articles for professional and clinical applicability. 2. Apply critical and analytic thinking skills to the interpretation of medical literature 3. Integrate elements of team processes for effective team function. 4. Formulate answerable clinical questions related to therapeutic interventions, diagnostic studies and prognosis that are representative of daily medical practice. 5. Design advanced literature searches to find the best evidence for therapeutic interventions, diagnostic studies and prognosis given the clinical question formulated. 6. Evaluate the reliability and validity of selected therapeutic interventions, diagnostic studies and prognostic studies. 7. Optimize patient care through the use of the principles of evidence based medicine

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