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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Economics (ECON)
Investment and Portfolio Management
Investment Management
Fall 2015
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FINA 3101 - Investment and Portfolio Management
BADM 3501


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FINA 3101 - Investment and Portfolio Management
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Theory and principles of security analysis and portfolio management, including analysis of the national economy, industry, company, and security markets. Risk–reward and computer-aided analysis.
Our main learning objectives are: • To learn the institutional details of the U.S. stock market. For example, what was the average annual return on the U.S. stock market over the past 100 years? What are the implications and motivation for short selling shares of a given stock? • To gain an in-depth understanding of modern portfolio theory. For example, how do we find an investor’s ‘optimal’ portfolio? What is the expected annual return on a given stock? • To learn the implications of market efficiency and how to evaluate the performance of portfolio managers. For example, assuming that markets are efficient, can investors consistently ‘lose’ to the market (on a risk-adjusted basis)? How do we assess whether a given manager ‘beat’ the market (on a risk-adjusted basis) over the last five years? • To learn how to assess the value and riskiness of stocks and bonds. For example, what is the ‘fair’ P/E ratio of the U.S. stock market? Are U.S. Treasury bonds risky? • To develop an understanding of the motives for using options and option valuation. For example, what are the benefits of using a put option? What is the value of a call option?
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