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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Children and Sport
Children and Sport
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Psychomotor, psychosocial, and physiological factors of children’s participation in sports. The importance of sport to children, readiness to compete, adaptations to training, participation motives, social factors, fundamentals of training, nutrition, stress, and child protection. Theoretical aspects applied in a variety of sports settings.
1. Describe the psychological, psychomotor, psychosocial and physiological factors of children's participation in sport. 2. Apply the theoretical base of developmental aspects to contemporary sports settings. 3. Integrate multidisciplinary (physiological, psychological & psychosocial) approaches to the study of children in sport. 4. Effectively read and evaluate research in psychological and physiological aspects of children’s participation in sport. 5. Demonstrate proficiency in both oral and written communications 6. Construct sound, probing questions and hypotheses appropriate to scholarly work in sport science. 7. Apply critical analytic and evaluative thinking to their own writing, through drafting, revising, and/or editing processes appropriate to sport science and the specific genre(s) in which they are writing. 8. Demonstrate the ability to work collectively with peers in producing and presenting knowledge related to a specific sport science concept.
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