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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Community Nutrition
Community Nutrition
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EXSC 1114 - Community Nutrition
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Introduction to community nutrition and public health programs offered on the local, state, national, and international levels, targeting both individuals and groups. Topics include health policies, nutrition programs, nutrition assessment, and principles of nutrition education.
By the end of the semester, students will be able to: • Identify food and nutrition laws, regulations and policies. • Explain the types and availability of food and nutrition services and programs for individuals, families and the community. • Describe the influence of socioeconomic, cultural and psychological factors on food and nutrition behavior. • Identify and describe consumer health behaviors and strategies for change. • Describe the process in conducting a community needs assessment. • Identify various methods of obtaining data of a target population. • State the steps of designing, implementing and evaluating food and nutrition programs. • Outline the educational requirements, practice settings and responsibilities of community nutritionists. • Utilize various information technologies relating to community food and nutrition information. • Identify the principles of nutrition education and educational materials development
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