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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS)
Professional Foundations in Exercise Science
Prof Found in Exercise Science
Summer 2016
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EXSC 1103 - Professional Foundations in Exercise Science
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Introduction to the science and practice of exercise and human movement as they relate to public health. Emphasis on the various sub-disciplines of exercise science, research related to the field, and professional and career development.
1. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic research and statistical methods. [Cognitive: levels 1 and 2]. 2. Students will be able to interpret descriptive data, as well as basic findings from experimental and from observational studies. [Cognitive: level 2]. 3. Students will synthesize this knowledge and understanding by designing studies to test specific hypotheses. [Cognitive: level 5]. 4. Students will demonstrate the ability to synthesize (build) and defend an argument based on diverse elements. [Cognitive: levels 5 and 6]. 5. Students will describe career opportunities in the Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and evaluate how these careers integrate with Public Health.
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Changed number of credits from 3 to 1; course content revised accordingly.
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