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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Geography (GEOG)
Water Resources Policy and Management
Water Resources Policy
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Prof. Melissa Keeley
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In this course, we will examine the history and practice of water resources policy and management in the context of integrated water resource management. Thus, we will address management issues and policy responses to such topics as the impacts of urban and agricultural runoff on water quality; provision of wastewater and water quality services; water supply, water allocation and scarcity; and modification of waterbodies for the purposes of flood control, hydropower, navigation, and recreation. In addition, non-human water requirements: e.g. for fish and wildlife, as well as the need to preserve the natural ecosystems that provide and sustain water resources will be central to each discussion. We will examine management and policy issues in the United States and worldwide at a range of scales: local, state, federal and international. In the course of these examinations, students will gain an understanding of how current issues such as growing populations, increasing affluence, and climate change may impact water resource policy and management.

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