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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Forensic Science (FORS)
Fundamentals of Forensic Science II
Fundamentals II
Fall 2015
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Victor Weedn, Eric Bernard
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This course will survey the traditional crime laboratory (criminalistics) disciplines—specifically forensic drug chemistry, forensic toxicology, trace evidence, fire debris, explosives, and forensic molecular biology. This will satisfy the 10 hours instruction for a FEPAC accredited MFS degree in the core topics of analytical chemistry and instrumental methods of analysis, drug chemistry/toxicology, microscopy and materials analysis, and forensic biology. This course will help students prepare for the American Board of Criminalistics (“ABC”) examination in the disciplines of forensic biology, trace evidence, fire debris, controlled substances, and toxicology/blood alcohol determinations. Lectures will be given by faculty members and guest lecturers who are subject matter experts on the topic presented. This course includes three four hour laboratories (mass spectrometry, microscopy, DNA). This is a required course for MFS and CSI students. This course, along with FORS 6004 Fundamentals of Forensic Science I, replaces FORS 6213, Elements of Forensic Science (3 Credits).

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Fundamentals I and II (FORS 6004 and 6005) will replace FORS 6213 Elements of Forensic Sciences. These courses include 4 four hour laboratory sessions. Together they will provide 10 hours instruction in the following FEPAC core topics: Crime scene investigation, Physical evidence concepts, Analytical chemistry and instrumental methods of analysis, Drug chemistry/toxicology, Microscopy and materials analysis, Forensic biology, and Pattern evidence.
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Fundamentals I and II are survey courses designed to meet certain accreditation requirements of the Forensic Science Educational Program Accreditation Commission (FEPAC).
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